Donna McPherson

entrepreneurs develop strategic blueprints that become
the foundation for their economic success,”

Donna McPherson, CPA
Profit Strategist & Coach.
Author | Speaker | Trainer.

Donna McPherson

entrepreneurs develop strategic blueprints that become
the foundation for their economic success.”

Donna McPherson, CPA
Profit Strategist & Coach.
Author | Speaker | Trainer.


“I provide knowledge and ‘know how’ to help business owners leverage their resources to create wealth and build a lifestyle they will love.”

Donna McPherson, CPA

Donna On Business

Donna McPherson believe that everyone can achieve business success if they know what to do and then do it! Her mission is to provide the knowledge and “know-how” to help business owners leverage their resources to grow their companies, create wealth and build a lifestyle they will love. 

In her current role as Profit Strategist and Coach, Donna looks at the entire operations to find ways to help her clients have more disposable income. She teaches them that running a business is not only about making money, she shows them how earning a PROFIT, experiencing FREEDOM, and having FUN is the reward for having a successful business. 

A Certified Public Accountant for over 25 years, Donna has a unique ability to take the emotion out of making business decisions. She believes that everything comes down to data. Her clients operate with a numbers-based plan to ensure that they are creating profits, not losses. This helps them to forge ahead with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for what is possible.

An experienced Corporate CFO of 13 years, Donna’s uses her background to help business owners 

understand how to leverage their resources to grow their company. Through her refreshingly pragmatic approach to planning, budgeting, and money management, they can achieve the business success and personal income growth they are working so hard to realize.

A former brick and mortar business owner where she exited with a 300% ROI, Donna knows firsthand how important it is to lay the right foundation to achieve long-term business success. It is one of the reasons she focuses on helping entrepreneurs set up their business with their end goal in mind.

There are no shortage of coaches and consultants promising to help you build six, seven and even eight figure businesses. However, making money is not the same as having money. If you are looking to grow your company’s profit as well as your personal income, Donna will provide the strategies, guidance and support you need to realize your vision. 

Donna is the author of the book, “The Price of Fake is REAL – How to Stop Pretending & Gain Real Business Success”. She is also the author of the LA Nov 2020 article, Can anyone become an entrepreneur?

We are guided by our commitment to helping small business owners achieve financial success. Our promise includes being:

We instill integrity, respect and transparency in our business practices

We are accountable for what we promise and will deliver our very best to the end. 

Life-long Learners
We invest in knowledge and training to provide the most up-to-date solutions to our clients.

Good Listeners
We learn what’s important to our clients so we can provide outstanding service and experience.

We provide knowledge and understanding that promote intelligent decisions and actions.

Financially Responsible
We demonstrate financial excellence in our dealings and teach others how to do the same.

We provide mentorship to help entrepreneurs achieve business success and longevity.


Our primary emphasis is helping our clients leverage their resources to achieve business success and create wealth. We focus on:

What’s most important
We listen to understand the CEO’s vision including desires, goals and objectives.

What assets are available
We evaluate the company’s income-producing abilities, capabilities and resources.

How to create wealth
We create the blueprint with strategies and action steps to get the income to fulfill your dreams.

How to track results
We identify key success metrics to measure progress and ensure that results are on track.

How to protect profits.
We identify opportunities to protect the earnings from excess spending and over-taxation.

How to grow their empire
We collaborate with other financial and legal experts to incorporate the right growth strategies.

How to exit strategically
We help you create and implement a plan to exit your company on your terms and time frame.


We know from experience how important it is to establish the right foundation. Our primary areas of focus include:

Financial Accountability
We help you streamline your operations so you get accurate data that enable smart decision-making, proactive tax planning and an elevated presence.

Strategic Planning
We provide guidance for a specific matter or your entire operations so you’ll have the information to make your next best move.

Advanced Tax Planning
We go beyond tax compliance to proactively recommend strategies to help you keep more of your earnings to reinvest in growth strategies.

Business Operating Model
We help CEOs develop a core strategies by which they will make money as well as make decisions that supports their company goals.

Loan Financing Package
Your financial picture tells a lender all they need to know to approve or deny your request. We can help you tell a compelling story through your finances.

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