Profit Now Plan



The life of an entrepreneur is filled with highs and lows. Making smart decisions quickly is crucial to their business success. We believe that the financial numbers are the pulse of any business – they tell us when it’s on track and when it’s not. Knowing how to use these numbers is often the most critical factor in determining a company’s level of success.

Our “Profit Now” Plan lets you make fast and effective business decisions, based upon the company’s numbers, not “instincts”, so you can achieve bigger profits quicker.

Our proven process is backed by our promise of long lasting results that you will experience by following our clear-cut plan that will put more money into your pocket!

The Promise

  • Learn where you are leaving money on the table and turn it into profit in your pocket.
  • Get a company budget with exactly how much and where to spend to maximize profit.
  • Know the numbers on your financial reports that highlight business performance.
  • Reduce non-productive activities that waste time and lead to poor business results.
  • Understand how to assess results of marketing activities and optimize spending.
  • Get three strategies that will help to increase monthly profit consistently.
  • Eliminate uncertainty when making decisions by using your numbers, not “instincts”.
  • Achieve success with a clear-cut plan that will put more money into your pocket.

The Process

  • Week One: Discovery- Obtain the company data, interview key staff and perform assessment.
  • Week Two: Confirmation- Share findings and highlight opportunities to increase revenue and profit.
  • Week Three: Presentation- Deliver a “Profit Now” Plan that will put more money into your pocket.

The Plan- Profit Now

  • BUDGET & SPENDING- Establish budgets to eliminate needless costs and achieve profit goals.
  • INCREASING REVENUE- Expand highly profitable activities and sources while eliminating low performers.
  • MAKING DECISIONS- Utilize company numbers to make smart decisions in both good times and bad.
  • ASSESSING PERFORMANCE- Master five key financial numbers that show positive trends or signal caution.
  • GETTING RESULTS- Take charge of your numbers, boost profit and accelerate your success.

Let us help you put more money into your pocket and keep it there.

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