Beyond Bookkeeping

Beyond Bookkeeping: Financial Management That Supports Your Business Goals

We go beyond the standard bookkeeping and write-up services, we give you crucial information to manage your existing operations and grow your business, all while seizing every opportunity to minimize your taxes.

Your company’s financial information will be current and accessible so that you can see the results of your hard work and decisions. Further we ensure that you understand your numbers by providing guidance and assistance to make sure your financials keep pace with your business goals.

Our monthly Financial Management include those essential services necessary to produce and maintain accurately and timely financial information that will promote solid decision-making and efficient management of the company’s operations. They may include:

  • Preparing your company’s budget for the year
  • Recording all business transactions timely and accurately
  • Preparing company financial statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.)
  • Preparing comparative analysis of your budget versus actual results
  • Monthly meeting to discuss your past results and future direction
  • An estimate of federal and state tax liabilities (if applicable and required)
  • Additional services mutually agreed-upon

Go beyond bookkeeping to Financial Management services that will elevate your operations.

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