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entrepreneurs develop strategic blueprints that become
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Donna McPherson, CPA
On-Call CFO & Business Advisor
Author | Speaker | Trainer.

Donna McPherson

On-Call CFO & Business Advisor / Author / Speaker / Trainer

Donna On Business

Donna McPherson believe that everyone can achieve business success if they know what to do and then do it! Her mission is to provide the knowledge and “know-how” to help business owners leverage their resources to grow their companies, create wealth and build a lifestyle they will love. 

In her current role as Profit Strategist and Coach, Donna looks at the entire operations to find ways to help her clients have more disposable income. She teaches them that running a business is not only about making money, she shows them how earning a PROFIT, experiencing FREEDOM, and having FUN is the reward for having a successful business. 

A Certified Public Accountant for over 25 years, Donna has a unique ability to take the emotion out of making business decisions. She believes that everything comes down to data. Her clients operate with a numbers-based plan to ensure that they are creating profits, not losses. This helps them to forge ahead with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for what is possible.

An experienced Corporate CFO of 13 years, Donna’s uses her background to help business owners 

understand how to leverage their resources to grow their company. Through her refreshingly pragmatic approach to planning, budgeting, and money management, they can achieve the business success and personal income growth they are working so hard to realize.

A former brick and mortar business owner where she exited with a 300% ROI, Donna knows firsthand how important it is to lay the right foundation to achieve long-term business success. It is one of the reasons she focuses on helping entrepreneurs set up their business with their end goal in mind.

There are no shortage of coaches and consultants promising to help you build six, seven and even eight figure businesses. However, making money is not the same as having money. If you are looking to grow your company’s profit as well as your personal income, Donna will provide the strategies, guidance and support you need to realize your vision. 

Donna is the author of the book, “The Price of Fake is REAL – How to Stop Pretending & Gain Real Business Success”. She is also the author of the LA Nov 2020 article, Can anyone become an entrepreneur?

Donna Up Close

In the past, I made one of the “Biggest Mistakes” an entrepreneur can make, but everything turned out ok! We all make mistakes, right? But this one was a biggie! The year was 2008. I was planning to relocate to another state. Unfortunately, shortly after I quit my job my plans got derailed and I was no longer relocating. So, with no job, I decided it was time to start my own business.

This is when the “Big Mistake” began. I proceeded to do all the things a small business owner should do, but in reverse order. In classic ready-fire-aim style, I got an office, an assistant, a website, the whole nine yards. But there was one massive problem. I had no plan to bring in clients! I soon realized that in six months or less I’d be broke. To make matters worse, I accidentally spilled the beans about all this to my assistant after leaving a phone line open. She gave me two days’ notice because she knew the ship was sinking.

It was then that I realized something that changed everything. I remembered I was a highly qualified CPA. Years ago I got my accounting degree while going to school part time for several years to be a CPA. I also remembered I had been a CFO. After spending six months in war torn Croatia and leaving because it became too dangerous, I came back to the US and landed a CFO job for a New York City nonprofit where I turned a 400K bottom line in red to 500K in the black for the organization.

Once I recalled these inspiring accomplishments, I decided to do everything I had to save my business and set my sights on marketing and client acquisition. Fast forward to present day, my practice is thriving as I now focus my energy working virtually for businesses around the globe.

You see, I’m different than other CPAs in that I have a proactive approach. While others come from behind, I lead from the front to plan for the results you desire. I have a unique ability to take the emotion out of numbers for my clients and help them to forge ahead with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for what is possible.

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Donna McPherson, CPA
Profit Strategist & Coach
Author | Speaker | Trainer
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