Donna Speaks

“Owning a business is not just about selling products and services. It’s about earning a profit, experiencing freedom, and having a lifestyle you can enjoy.”

Donna McPherson, CPA
Profit Strategist & Coach
Author | Speaker | Trainer.

Donna McPherson

On-Call CFO & Business Advisor / Author / Speaker / Trainer

Donna Speaks

“Owning a business is not just about selling products and services. It’s about earning a profit, experiencing freedom, and having a lifestyle you can enjoy.”

Donna McPherson, CPA
Profit Strategist & Coach
Author | Speaker | Trainer.


What You Must Know to Close Your Money Gap!

Donna knows why so many entrepreneurs live in the “money gap,” where there’s more money going out of their business than coming into it. She shares how easily this can happen during her talk, even if you are great at your craft and can sell your way out of a paper bag. You’ll have more clarity about:

  • What to sell to earn your highest income
  • How to price to create profit and avoid losses
  • Where to spend so you can have more money

Why Fake it When You Can Really Make it?

Donna emphasizes that having money should not be left up to hoping and wishing! She shares what you must do to identify how much money you can earn, get all of it, and keep most of it. This way, you won’t have to fake business success but achieve it. You’ll learn:

  • How much money is on the table for you to take every year
  • The critical financial numbers for you to make and keep money
  • How to track your numbers and what to do if they are not in your favor

3 Keys to Get Paid for Your Unique Value!

Donna explains why it is not enough to believe that you have value; you must also be clear about its value, who will benefit from it, and how to monetize it. You will leave this training feeling more empowered to ask for your money because you will have the following:

  • A straightforward method to help you value your unique expertise
  • More confidence by affirming your knowledge and your abilities
  • A better understanding of how to price for the benefit you provide

Partial List


As a speaker, Donna’s “real talk” is dynamic, engaging, and practical. The audience will gain insights on how to leverage their knowledge, time, and other resources to build a successful and profitable business that will provide the income and impact they desire while doing what they love.

    • Northern New Jersey NAWBO Officers’ Installation
    • Entrepreneurs Rocket Web Fuel Summit (Financial Expert)
    • Take the Stage 2020 with Larry Winget (Lunch & Learn)
    • Talking with Teri, with Teri Karjala
    • Ready Yet? with Erin Marcus
    • Discover A New Future with Faith Saunders
    • Influential Entrepreneurs Radio by Mike Saunders
    • The Author’s Corner Segment, Neil Haley Show
    • African American Chamber of Commerce, Radio Show

Book Donna for Speaking

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Video Testimonial – Connie Pizarro, Former President, NAWBO Central New Jersey.

Donna Serves:

  • CEOs wanting more Financial Freedom
  • Business Owners wanting higher Profit
  • Entrepreneurs wanting more Money

One of her proudest achievements is assisting an office manager to acquire her employer’s 7-figure company and tripling its profit after just one year as the new CEO!

“Donna has a knack for numbers and how to use them to help you understand your current financial status and make empowering decisions toward a better future. During her presentation at our eWomenNetwork, Inc. event, she shared four key strategies to achieve your highest income that left us inspired and ready to take action. Her ability to break down complex financial matters so the audience can digest them easily, can make a significant difference to everyone’s bottom line.”

Rosemarie Couture DeSaro, Executive Managing Director – eWomenNetwork, Inc.


More Than 25 Years
In Business

An experienced expert on both sides, Donna understands what a company needs to make money and thrive and how to help them. She tells entrepreneurs what to do, and what not to do so they do not lose their dreams but instead enjoy the rewards of successful business ownership.

Donna’s “real talk” is engaging and practical. It inspires the audience members to take a closer look at where they might be missing opportunities to increase the money flow into their business and personal bank accounts.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she combines 13 years of business ownership with over 25 years of corporate finance and management to help her clients achieve business success and financial independence.

Donna understands why so many entrepreneurs operate in the “Money Gap” year after year, where there’s more money going out than coming in; the reality is that many people are great at their craft but not at monetizing it, while others are great at making money but not at keeping it.

This is not theory for Donna; she lived it! During her first year as an entrepreneur, she made a big mistake regarding monetizing her value, which could have destroyed her financial security. Fortunately, she knew what to do to save her business and investment, did it, and got back on track.

That experience served as valuable lessons that she later used to run two successful businesses, exiting one with a 300% ROI. She now helps small business owners create successful and profitable companies that will provide more money, freedom, and enjoyment!

Donna emphasizes that business success cannot be left to hoping and guessing; it requires the proper knowledge and “know-how. She stresses that entrepreneurs, who know what to do and take action, can achieve success and financial independence.

Donna’s Book, The Price of Fake Is Real, How to Stop Pretending & Gain Real Business Success. To get the book, go to, can be found on Amazon. Get your paperback or kindle version at

Her article Can Anyone Become an entrepreneur? was published in the LA Tribune (Nov 2020). Read the entire article at:

Buy My Book!The Price Of Fake Is Real



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